Grace & Mercy Assembly FEEDS We Welcome You To This New Month Of March 2019

We Welcome You To This New Month Of March 2019

We Welcome You To This New Month Of March 2019 post thumbnail image

We welcome you to this New month of March 2019. May the past and current challenges facing you and family submit and bow to the supremacy of God’s word as we continue to look up to the Hill from where our help comes.
Read and dwell on Psalms 121. Bearing in mind that our Father the Almighty God made the heaven and the earth, V1-2.

Do yourself good by making every effort to read, meditate, practice and confesses with faith His promises daily.

Israelites predicament in Egyptian captivity forced God through Moses to give Pharaoh a SET TIME to do the unusual through His various miraculous activities to FREE His children. Exodus 9:5.

Therefore as you go forth throughout March and towards end of this administration, may it end well for us in line with God’s word in Job 8:7 and Ecclesiastes 7:8. Consider more what God said to Israel in
Isaiah 7:3-9 and note the following.
1. Take heed
2. Be quiet
3. Do not live in fear
4. Do not be fainthearted because it says every evil conspiracy against you shall not stand. Believe to be established.
Haggai 2:20-23. The strength of evil kingdoms against you along with their chariots, their horses and their riders against your health, businesses, career, finances and ministry shall not stand but be destroyed. Enjoy uncommon favour throughout the New month and always.

Apostle & Pastor Mrs Idawor

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