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The Troubled Pool

The troubled pool

John 5:1-9. We welcome you to the 5th month of May, 2019. As is commonly known in Christendom, (5) five is a number of grace. To that effect, we can boldly say happy New month of grace. As this welcome subject says “the troubled pool”. Bethesda, is where a notable miracle took place involving a man who had been incapacitated for 38 years and am sure your guess must be as good as mine, am sure Christ did not just heal only the man and walked away leaving the rest sick folks in their conditions that also laid by that pool. His compassionate nature wouldn’t let Him walk away after attending to one man, as they also must have been beneficiaries from His power and grace same day.
We strongly believe that your own hour (time) has come for you and I to experience God’s magnanimous merciful kindness in this our troubled world.

Note the following. This pool is called “Bethesda” meaning “house of mercy” right location for anyone troubled to be found, positioned or abandoned.
Five porches, a colonnade where people could be protected from the weather. The folks that were here had several things in common “weak, sickly and helpless.
One of the fellow among these helpless folks was paralyzed “Shrunk” and like others, his condition attracted Christ attention who went straight to the man and discharged him from this colonnade. I believe my dear, that the same way your condition in this troubled world will attract God’s mercies and uncommon miraculous intervention in this 5th month of May (GRACE). His mercy will pave way for your restoration.

Let me remind you that He that’s more than a man has seen your condition and your plight has moved Him to come to your aid. You’re no longer a lone, with no helper amongst men.
I hear the Spirit says to you that your “WOE” of loneliness in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 shall be turn into “WORSHIP” from this month of May henceforth.

Just as Christ arrival at the troubled pool of Bethesda terminated this man 38 years disease, likewise this month of grace will release His merciful touch and power to not only bring to an end your sordid plight but reposition you.
I prophecy that what wasn’t working or functioning in your life before will pick up to start working. Therefore like Christ ordered, I say unto you “Rise now, take up your bed and begin to walk”.

I close with David’s experience while in a troubled situation in Ziklag, 1 Samuel 30:1-19 and note specifically verses 8 and 9. As God instructed, David pursue to recover everything the enemy took away. Similarly, this month of May is your turn. Believe, Act and Recovers yours. Happy New month.

Apostle & Pastor Mrs. Idawor

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