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O Lord, You’re my God

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Topic: O Lord, You’re my God
Scriptural Foundation: Isaiah 25:1-10; Micah 4:1-2 and Isaiah 48:15-17
Memory Store Scripture: Proverbs 5:13. BBE version. I did not (not listen) give attention to the voice of my teachers, my ear was not turned to those who were guiding me!

The above memory stored scripture rightly strikes the nail on the head the reason many in Zion are stagnated in most areas of their growth. Please ponder over Proverbs 5:13 very well.
We descended from God’s mountain of fatness on concluding our month of waiting before the Lord yesterday since January 7th. About a dozen or more folks shared various mind blowing testimonies in church during worship including two families whose New babies we dedicated. As you go out this week bear in mind that our father Abraham entered into an unchangeable covenant with God which is for ever fresh that cannot or ever be altered. This the reason we can boldly say indeed and unashamedly “O Lord, you are my God. He has swallowed up the covering cast that may have been hindering you and your fortunes. We saw it in last week study from Isaiah 30:20-21 that “your eyes will not only see your TEACHERS but will also hear a word behind you saying”, this is the way, WALK in it and as you do so from henceforth obediently, you’ll begin to see and experience more of God’s supernatural power at work in your life. Welcome and enjoy the month of February.

Apostle Friday Idawor
(Grace and Mercy Assembly, Ikorodu-Lagos, Nigeria)

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