Grace & Mercy Assembly Nugget Fulfilling God’s purpose

Fulfilling God’s purpose

Gleaning Life Nuggets for Daily.

Vision: Fulfilling God’s purpose

Verse stored: Psalm 138:8. The Lord will avenge, complete, do, perfect and fulfill what His purpose is for me. Lord, your gracious love is eternal: do not abandon your personal work in me.

I welcome you enthusiastically to year 2020. To enjoy everything God have in store for you throughout the year triumphantly like David, we must depend in God and believe that He’ll fulfill our purpose as He promised in Psalm 20:4b.

Therefore, keep your hearts on these seven requests David made in this Psalm 20;1-5 as you run Year 2020 race.

(1) Answer me

(2) Your name to defend me

(3) Send me your help

(4) Strengthen me

(5) Remember my Offerings

(6) Accept my sacrifices

(7) Grant my heart’s desires

We close with prayers in 2 kings 5:5 that we’ll accomplish God’s purpose in everything we do throughout the year to the glory of God. Enjoy your lots in year 2020.

Apostle Friday Idawor.

Grace and Mercy Assembly Ikorodu-Lagos Nigeria +2348077501656

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