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Evangelism (Soul Winning)

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James 5:19-20

Deuteronomy 6:1

God never made hell for mankind, it was made for the devil and his angels, consider these as an importance for evangelism

Jesus died to save the world, beginning with your families to your neighbors, including your enemies.

Put your trust and confidence in God, for God is not man that he will fail,

No matter how fallen you’ve been, you still have a chance

Godly sorrow leads to repentance

Your sorrowfulness should lead you to God not to drive you away from God

Many believers take wrong decisions to destruction, not because God is not loving but because they are proud. Pride is a destructive tool from the devil

One of the strongest hold the Satan uses on believers is shame, but thank God Jesus has conquered shame on our behalf.

Soul winning is not an option, it is a command from God. Read (psalm 68, Matthew 28 v 15 to the end, Matthew 9 v 35, Mark 1 v 14)

God has mandated us to preach the gospel of the kingdom “The gospel of the kingdom is to believe in the lord Jesus christ and you will be saved”

“Cast your net and let God bring the fishes”

As a believer you must capitalize on every opportunity to evangelize, do not give up on anyone.

If you confess Christ before men, Christ will confess you before God Almighty

One question asked in today’s world, especially in the church is “does unbelief deny believers the healing power, that is to heal the sick sick in today’s world?

The answer Is ” Heal the sick in obedience to God’s word and leave the miracle for God to complete. With faith, heal the sick with confidence and boldness in God’s word.

Note : Healing the sick, raising of the dead, casting of demons and so on are basic signs that will follow us as believers. Just believe!

Apostle Friday Idawor

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