Grace & Mercy Assembly Nugget DANGEROUS “Famine days of Hearing the LORD’S WORDS”.

DANGEROUS “Famine days of Hearing the LORD’S WORDS”.

Gleaning life “weekly” nuggets for Rebuilding Yourself. Monday 27, 2019.

Topic: DANGEROUS “Famine days of Hearing the LORD’S WORDS”.
Scriptural Foundation: Amos 8:11-14; Hosea 5:4-7; Isaiah 8:16-22.
Store Scripture: Mathew 12:7. NET version. If you had known what this means: ‘I want mercy and not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the innocent (guiltless).

Am sure you joined fellow believers globally yesterday to worship God in your church? We’ve entered the last week of May month 2019 already.
Amos, possibly the first of the minor writing prophets, was just a Shepherd and a farmer who was called at a critical period in his generation to prophesy during the reign of King Uzziah (792-740 B.C) in the Southern kingdom while King Jeroboam 11 reigned in the North (793-763 B.C). A period both kingdoms experienced as well as enjoyed political stability and prosperity. Sadly, it was also a time of idolatry, extravagance and corruption of very high proportion. Looking at our global world today especially our dear nation Nigeria, what do you see? A type of rhetorical question posed to Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:12. Your guess is as good as mine, similarly, except no political stability across the globe resulting in lack of prosperity in most nations including our dear nation Nigeria while corruption and poverty are ravaging lives and on the contrary, the rich and powerful continue to amass more and more wealth as they watch the poor and needy being oppressed daily. This’s what led God raising the likes of Amos in his days though without any theological background or training come out of the farm, he was empowered to preach by warning folks of his days to denounce apostasy and social injustices to live with Godly fear, to enable justice which the poor so desperately needed to flow down instead of hypocrisy that’s found in most of our assemblies whether religious or political today. Amos 5:21-24.

Prophet Amos rightly put it strongly that God would remember His covenant with Israel (His church) and restore a faithful remnants that’ll turn their hearts to seeking His face with passion, intense desire, hunger and thirst.

My prayers for you this morning, is that you and I will be found among these faithful (few) restore remnants in our generation.

Apostle Friday Idawor

(Grace and Mercy Assembly, Lagos-Nigeria.

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