September 18, 2021

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Come Ye to the Waters

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Gleaning life “weekly” nuggets for Rebuilding Yourself. Monday June 24, 2019.

Topic: Come Ye to the Waters
Scriptural Foundation:
Isaiah 55:1-5; Mathew 11:25-30
Store Scripture: John 7:37. ISV version. On the last and most important day of the festival, Jesus stood up and shouted, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink!

Life journey is all about choices and decisions we make for which we are to take responsibilities. In Genesis, God deliberately chose to make man in His own image and likeness primarily to fellowship with Him among others. A fellowship both God and Adam enjoyed as we saw in the bible until tragedy struck that led man to flee from God’s presence. This paved way for these very four all important (4) invitations to mankind in our main text for this week Isaiah 55:1.

  1. Come to the waters
  2. Come, buy, and eat
  3. Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price
  4. Come unto me all Ye who’re weary and burdened Isaiah 55:3 & Mathew 11:28.

In Isaiah 12:3 God had earlier said we shall draw water with joy from SALVATION WELL. The first invitation “COME” is the right step for anyone or everyone’s recovering and restoration especially from God’s own “WELL” that’s to fetch FREE water. Everybody know the importance of WATER generally. It takes humility to take all these important step towards healing and a healthy lifestyle. The same invitation, the Israelites obeyed in the days of Prophet Elijah that terminated three and half years famine and brought them rain upon Mount Carmel. 1 Kings chapter 18.
Conclusion: this simple major step of obedience has opened God’s great doors which brought about a 360 degree turnaround for His people. The same simple step King Asa took in humble obedience to Prophet Azariah son of Oded’s prophetic message to the tribe of Judah and the Benjamites at a critical time in their land which brought uncommon revival and social reforms. 2 Chronicles chapter 15.

My prayers for us and our nation today is to receive God’s uncommon grace to heed and obediently respond to this invitation by going to God rather than running away into hiding from Him like Adam did in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3:8-11.
Apostle Friday Idawor

(Grace and Mercy Assembly Ikorodu-Lagos, Nigeria)

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