September 22, 2021

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Soul winning

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Winning souls and family
Roman 10:13-15
Evangelism makes you a growing church
Deuteronomy 6
Proverbs 11: 30
Primary thing to do in a church is winning souls
righteousness came through jesus
john 3 :16
Your sorrowfulness should lead you to God
Pride,arrogance and shame should be scrapped
Why must we win souls? Because soul winning is not an option it is a commandments from God
Matthew 9:35
Mark 1:
What is d gospel of the kingdom? Believe on the lord Jesus christ and you shall be saved
Every man and woman should learn how to take responsibility
Double mindedness, doubt is equivalent to unbelief
Do not give up on anybody
John 6.

Isaiah 30 : 9

Soul winning is a proof

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